Direct to Garment of DTG Printing involves using our printing technology to transfer an image directly onto your clothing so is ideal for photographs, illustrations or complex full colour logos.

DTG Printing is a state-of-the-art technique that requires the use of specialist printers to accurately reproduce the colours of a photograph or intricate design.  It works best when the image is applied to graments that are made from 100% cotton such as t-shirts, because synthetic fibres such as polyester do not accept the ink as well as cotton.

In comparison to a more traditional method of printing like Screen Printing, Direct to Garment printing has many benefits such as a much simpler set-up process.  Because the clothing is fed through a giant printer instead of a printing press, there is a much quicker turnaround to create the products which of course reduces the cost, especially when only a small run of designs is required.  Plus much more complex designs with many more colours are possible with this method of garment printing.

There are a few disadvantages of this modern printing method compared to screen printing however.  Notably the design will not as long lasting as a screen printed image and the colours will not be as vibrant, so we recommend Direct to Garment (DTG) printing as an ideal service for special events and functions such as parties.

What is the process used for Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing?…

Well the techniques used for this printing method are actually quite simply really as we have all the best equipment ready to process you custom clothing requirements.  Once we have agreed on the image or design that is required it is simply a case of choosing the garments from our catalogues page that are to be printed on and we can complete the project in a fairly quick turnaround time.

So now you know how DTG Printing works here are a few tips on Design and Cost to consider…

Here are a few things to consider about Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing that will help to save you time and money so we can deliver the customised clothing you would like.

  • We can print full colour images with many different colours and gradients, in runs of less than 50 pieces.
  • If the design has been created in a program like Adobe Photoshop, then it is important to consider that the image opacity must be 100% because we cannot print any transparent elements.
  • If we are printing onto a dark coloured garment there will usually be a white undercoat layer printed before the artwork is printed on top, so the image may feel slightly thicker than lighter coloured fabrics – this will increase the cost of the order.
  • The ink does disperse more on a fabric surface than it does on paper so an image that is not too complicated will turn out best, as an intricate photograph with a lot of detail may turn out slightly pixelated.
  • The best image quality for your design must be at least 300dpi and a .png format will be best for printing.
  • A design with fades or glows may not print as well on fabric, especially onto a coloured garment as the white undercoat will show through.
  • When designing your own image please remember that garment printers use ink colours from the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) spectrum, so please choose colours that match this range if you wish your colour choices to match accurately.
  • The fewer print locations on the garment there are, the lower the cost will be too. For instance if you just require a logo on the front or the back that would be cheaper than having both.

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