When you use our expert Embroidery Service for all your custom clothing needs, the result is a durable design that looks professional, high quality and eye-catching to help publicise your brand and company.

Many customers choose printed garments for their personalised clothing requirements.  However our embroidery service is an excellent alternative especially if you wish to customise your company uniform or work wear for your staff and employees.  A stitched design looks much more professional and is also longer lasting than a printed one, which helps to promote you company brand and image.

The expert embroidery techniques that we use are efficient and high quality thanks to the equipment we use and the skill of our team.  We are able to digitise your artwork so that your design can be easily applied using our modern embroidery machines and we can apply your design to a huge variety of different styles of clothing from our extensive catalogue range.

The costs involved for our expert embroidery service are mainly affected by the complexity of the design you choose.  We can customise anything from embroidered work wear, corporate clothing, embroidered polo shirts or any other custom embroidery project of your choosing, but the intricacy and the number of colours required for the logo will affect the cost of the product.  However our service is very affordable for the high level of quality we provide and we have had many happy customers including top education establishments and local businesses.

What is the process used for custom Embroidered Clothing?…

1) The Preparation Stage:  Once we have finalised the design you would like for your garments, we first must digitise the design so it is ready to create a stitching profile.   Essentially this involves converting a 2 dimensional image into one that is comprised of different stitches and coloured threads – this is all done with state-of-the-art software.  The software allows us to set up commands and functions that will control our huge sophisticated sewing machine that will complete the whole stitching process.  Many different colours of thread can be fed into the machine and there are many styles and sizes of stitches and design that can be created.

The finalisation of your artwork is crucial so we will consult with you extensively to ensure that you are happy with the look of the finished design before we proceed to setting up the sewing machine.

2) Setting Up the Sewing Machine: Now that we have a digitised design ready, the next stage is to program the complex sewing machine so that it will substitute the colours of the design for individual coloured threads and stitches.   This process can take a long time depending on how intricate the artwork is but because the image is digitised, we can store the stitching profile so that you can have more items of clothing created at a later date and as many items produced as you require.  Once the sewing machine is calibrated we then load the spools into the machine by hand with the correct coloured threads, ready to fire up the machine and start stitching.

3) The Stitching of the Garments: Everything is now ready to start customising your chosen garments so each item of clothing is prepared by hand, ready to be stitched.  Now that the machine is all set-up, the process is almost automatic as the machine will follow the commands from the stitching profile, and apply each layer of coloured thread in turn to complete the design until the process is finished.  Every garment is inspected for quality and all excess backing material and threads are removed by hand to ensure that the finished design is perfect.

So now you know how Embroidery works here are a few tips on Design and Cost to consider…

Here are a few things to consider about custom embroidered clothing that will help to save you time and money so we can deliver the customised clothing you would like.

  • A design that consists of spot colours or a simple line design is best.
  • Designs should consist of clean separated blocks of colour as gradients or shadows are not possible with embroidery.
  • The fewer colours you require the lower the cost will be because the set-up of fewer threads and stitching commands will be required.
  • The fewer stitched locations on the garment there are, the lower the cost will be too as the cost is ultimately determined by how many stitches are required to build the image.  For instance if you just require a logo on the front or the back of the garment that would be cheaper than having both.
  • The image you choose for your design must be high resolution and preferably be supplied as a vector image rather than a lower quality jpeg format.
  • When using line drawing for your design, there is no minimum line width required because the image is created from thread, however you should bear in mind how visible the line will be when viewed from a distance.  Recommendations for this can be discussed with our team during the initial consultation.
  • Please convert text in your logo into just an outline, in case we don’t have access to the particular font that you are using – this will make the set-up process easier.
  • We are unable to create wrap-around designs using embroidery because the sewing machine needs a flat surface on which to stitch the design.  In other words the machine cannot stitch over the seam of a garment, however if you choose a style of clothing that does not have a middle seam such as the Gildan Softstyle variety of t-shirts, then a wrap-around design may be possible.  Please contact us for more clarification on this particular request.

We would love to work with you on your next custom clothing project, so please contact us today by calling our sales team on 01736 759995 or email us at sales@exhibit1clothing.com.

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