Apply virtually any design using Vinyl Transfer Printing to your custom sports team kits and corporate work wear including individual names and numbers and full colour company logos.

Vinyl Transfer Printing is commonly seen on sports wear and sports team kits to apply sponsor logos and player names. There is an extensive range of possible designs and colours possible with transfer printing, ranging from single colour names and numbers to full colour designs. It is even possible to use fluorescent or metallic colours and it also possible to apply the vinyl designs to virtually any type of fabric.

This makes comparable to Direct to Garment (DTG) printing which can only be used on 100% cotton garments such a t-shirts, but vinyl transfer printing can be used on fabrics including polyester, onto flexible Lycra sports wear as well as waterproof clothing and high visibility jackets too. The full colour design of your choosing is printed onto high quality vinyl which is then heat sealed directly onto the garment by our expert team, creating a professional looking product.

What is the process used for Vinyl Transfer Printing?…

Similar to DTG printing the method we use for vinyl printing is modern and uses sophisticated printing machines to make the process fairly straightforward compared to other methods like screen printing.  Your chosen design is printed and then carefully cropped from high quality vinyl sheet where it is then placed over the garment and heat pressed at a high temperature to bond it to the fabric.  Due to the high bonding ability of vinyl it can be applied to virtually any product from our catalogue page such as t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets and more.

The design will form a layer on top of the fabric and due to the tough, flexible and durable nature of the vinyl, the design will last a long time before it starts to crack.  Washing of the garment should be done at lower temperatures such as 40 degrees or lower in order to preserve the design for as long as possible.

So now you know how Vinyl Transfer Printing works here are a few tips on Design and Cost to consider…

Here are a few things to consider about vinyl printing that will help to save you time and money so we can deliver the customised clothing you would like.

  • The design can consist of a variety of spot colours or a simple line design or lettering – however colour gradients or shadows should be avoided as these will not print well.
  • The size of the design will have a bearing on the cost, so it would be cheaper to print a small design in the middle of the chest area of a t-shirt, than to fill the back area with a large design.
  • The fewer print locations on the garment there are, the lower the cost will be too.  For instance if you just require a logo on the front or the back that would be cheaper than having both.
  • The image you choose for your design must be high resolution and preferably be supplied as a vector image rather than a lower quality jpeg format.
  • The best image quality for your design must be at least 300dpi and a .png format will be best for printing.
  • When designing your own image please remember that garment printers use ink colours from the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) spectrum, so please choose colours that match this range if you wish your colour choices to match accurately.
  • The colour of the garment being printed will not affect the price as a white undercoat layer is not required unlike DTG printing.

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